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Sleep is Overrated… January 4, 2007

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The Bee at a month and a half….

Who says you need beauty rest?

Ah…. What better time to begin a new blog than at around 5:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning? I should state here that I am not up right now by choice but rather, am still awake after hanging out with The Bee (who is a full two months old as of yesterday) for a solid hour. I can’t help but look forward to the days when she’s old enough to just come right out and tell us what she wants. Instead, Ry and I are reduced to playing the guessing game and staying on binky patrol (which is a jolly little diversion The Bee’s come up with that involves her spitting out her binky and giving us 30 seconds to pop it back in before she starts wailing in a shrill but rather unconvincing way). Lately, at night when she is wide awake, she doesn’t want to eat, she doesn’t want to sleep, she doesn’t seem in the mood for playing… I am at a total loss. What actually worked in getting her to sleep tonight was easy—easier than I imagined or else I would have tried this a long time ago…. I simply folded her fingers between mine and we had a staring match. Since it is supposed to be serious sleepy-time I didn’t want to get her riled with smiles or laughter, there’s plenty of that to go around during the day. Instead, I just gazed at her intently and very gravely for a period of about five full minutes and her little eyes (with those amazing lashes—courtesy of Ry’s gene pool) started to flutter and then get that glossy sealed-over look of deep sleep. Afraid to move, I stayed glued to my spot next to her for another full five minutes before gracefully lifting myself off the bed. I even managed to step on the super-creaky spot on our wood floors and she didn’t budge.So what does that mean for me? I could have just gone back to sleep but for some reason, I can’t seem to bring myself to feel as tired as I know I must be. Neither of us have been regular or sufficient sleep yet as much as I know I need it, there’s something about the quietness of the house right now, broken only by her sleep sounds down the hall, that makes me feel at peace. I know that if I was a good little worker I would go ahead and get working while I have some quiet time but it seems like doing so would be blasphemy somehow. It is these little moments like now; when the house is quiet and the people I love are asleep, that I have time to think about how happy I am. It’s been a hard two months with a lot of adjusting to do but we have managed just fine. We’ve been taking each day as it has come and have tried to be patient with one another and I guess, since neither of us have ever done this baby thing before, it’s all we can do.–> 


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2 Responses to “Sleep is Overrated…”

  1. Kaz Says:

    Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! And thanks for the link in the blogroll! I look forward to reading more.

  2. superha Says:

    A big welcome from me, too. Glad your staring contest did the trick. I just added onto my Ferber post that the method is not recommended for babies under 6 months so I’m glad you gazed at your baby instead. 🙂

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