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Bee Feats January 11, 2007

Filed under: The Bee — nickihem @ 3:15 pm

So, to begin with, a little Col-ICK update: Last night was actually tolerable. The Bee certainly wasn’t in the best of spirits and although she cried us a river, there wasn’t as much “umph” behind her sporadic but long-lasting fits of aimless baby-rage. This has me thinking that the colic might work itself on out just as swiftly as it moved on in. God, let’s hope…Another few nights of the full-force-super-high-octane colic shit and Ry and I will be certifiable.   

So, when she’s not screaming at the top of her lungs (or sleeping) The Bee does some pretty amazing stuff (aside from astounding us with her unbelievably and almost unnaturally stinky farts). One of her favorite new tricks is to make a tight fist and suddenly, almost like she didn’t quite plan it, pop her entire hand in her mouth. When she does it, she usually looks surprised, then delighted, and then kind of confused—all in a matter of seconds. At first, this was a charming addition to her steadily-growing repertoire of baby feats, but after watching her do this time and time again today, I started to worry that it might not be as cute and innocuous and I first imagined. Since she doesn’t have super hand-eye coordination yet, as excited as she is to get that fist in there, she often misses her mark and jabs herself in the eye or sideswipes her mouth, pulling her lip way up to her nose, or accidentally jams a wayward pinky up her nose. Worse yet, there have been a few times that, once her whole hand is inside her mouth, she seems to forget what movements are required for the hand to exit safely. When this happens, she registers this momentary wide-eyed moment of sheer terror and helplessness followed by a long wail. As a result of this new game she’s got little red marks above her lip, on her cheek, and somehow, up near her hairline. I guess it must not hurt too much though since she keeps doing it. Either that or she just totally forgets that she’s not always successful. She reminds me of our cat. Doing something painful, (like, I don’t know, say, jumping face-first into the door’s glass) smarting for a while, and then doing it all over again. Not quite Baby Genius stuff yet, but hey, little steps…  

So, in other Bee-related news, I’ve noticed that in profile, her head looks not unlike that of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Commander of the Starship Enterprise

   picard.jpg     picardbaby.jpg

You see the resemblance, no? 

Live long and prosper baby girl.



One Response to “Bee Feats”

  1. superha Says:

    The Bee sounds hilarious. Love that “hand in mouth/not sure what to do/I’m so panicking right now” trick! 🙂

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