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Someone Should Have Told Me…. January 17, 2007

Filed under: The Bee — nickihem @ 9:46 pm

That yes, it really does make a difference how you hold the camera…. otherwise, this happens….

Ah well, it’s still pretty cute nonetheless….

We keep having to dress her up in all the cool Springtime outfits now since at this rate she’ll outgrow them all before the tulips come up.


3 Responses to “Someone Should Have Told Me….”

  1. paula Says:

    She is so adorable! I know what you’re going through with growing quickly – Nicholas is only 5.5 months, but already 22 lbs, so we’re buying 9-12 month clothes for him! Thank goodness we got the Cosco Safe Seat … it goes up to 30 lbs instead of the typcal infant seat that is only 22 lbs.

  2. superha Says:

    I read that there is a website or program that allows you to rotate video. Google?

  3. sami Says:

    aw you know i could almost smell the dreft!

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