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And All Through the Night… January 27, 2007

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Far away, in a distant sleepy suburb in the Midwest, a miracle occurred… 

A tiny child, no heavier than a holiday ham, went to sleep one snowy eve around 9:00 p.m. and slept… 

And slept… 

And slept until dawn was on the horizon. 

Yes, indeed. It seems that something clicked and the Bee now goes right to sleep without so much as a peep around 9:00 every night, almost on the button. In fact, if she doesn’t get to sleep right around that time she gets rather fussy until we feed her and lay her down. Once she’s had all she can stomach, I gently lay her down, rub her tummy, pop in her binky—and it’s goodnight time for all.  

Needless to say we are delighted although somewhat shocked. I feel like it’s too easy—that there is a hidden catch somewhere. Like we won the lottery but know taxes are going to eat up most of the money. I keep waiting for something to not be right with this, but it’s really working out… She wakes up happy, bright-eyed, and ready to play and interact (and of course pee and eat). In response to her good mood upon waking, the past three mornings I’ve instituted a new a.m. tradition called “The Mama and Bee Morning Show” which entails me propping her up in the crack of the couch or chair, putting her elbows on two small pillows, and performing for her. I dance, jump around, wave my arms up and down, and laugh a lot and this really seems to get her going. Now that she’s got the hang of the “smiling on purpose” trick she’ll do it in response to me making an ass out of my pre-caffinated self and will even make little quick-exhale laughing sounds. Oh my god I love this girl. She is so fun.

This is how I sit her up. Doesn’t she look intent? Not even three months old, this baby…



So yeah, life is good. Ry and I are sleeping—and not even in shifts like we used to have to do. She’s playful during the day and far more interactive too. I think I like this a lot better than that first month of super-helplessness. She was so tiny and vulnerable. It scared the shit out of me. I was afraid to do anything, even let her cry. Things have certainly changed and we are thankful. Now she’s feelin’ fine…hippiebeeblog.jpgPeace Out Baby Bee….


4 Responses to “And All Through the Night…”

  1. superha Says:

    Enjoy it! 🙂 Congrats.

  2. cubicledad Says:

    don’t question it…enjoy it!

  3. Jane Says:

    Just saw your Blog, my first, I must admit. The Bee, (not to use her real name I presume) is adorable. Loved reading your site and am so glad to hear how much fun you are having with her. Brings back lots of memories. Look forward to visiting again soon. Great narration and pics.

  4. supermom Says:

    You are so lucky to get so much sleep! I’m jealous lol Glad she is in such a great routine

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