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Goodbye Hedonism, Hello Diaper Genie….

Worth a Thousand Words… April 22, 2007

Filed under: baby,The Bee — nickihem @ 12:59 am

Things have been very busy lately and updating my blog hasn’t been at the top of the list, unfortunately. My businesses have been kicking ass the past couple of months and when I’m not chillin’ with The Bee or Ry, I’ve been working my little tail off… Working from home is not all it’s cracked up to be, I must say. The balance is a little difficult and although it’s great not having to shuttle my HoneyBee off to DayCare to chant Dora songs with strangers, maintaining a professional life one moment and changing a diaper the very next throws me off somewhat. But who am I to complain? Every mother I’ve talked to wishes she could telecommute so hey… I’ll just shut my yap about it and take it for what it is.

We’ve been looking forward to moving to Purdue. We secured our dream-dwelling; it’s right on the Wildcat Creek (which is the width and flowspeed of a river) with a huge deck that overlooks the water. The house itself is gorgeous; floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the woods and water, pretty hardwood floors, and lots of space. We have about an acre total and the prospect of having no neighbors, especially after living in urban areas for ten years, is so appealing. Then again, the other night Ry and I went out with our friends to this unheard-of little downtown restaurant and walked to a hip little bar and felt all chic and stuff…. I’m going to miss that sometimes. Maybe not… We’ll see…

So here’s some updated pics of the beautiful Bee. She’s going to be 6 months in a couple of weeks. It’s amazing. She’s started to babble and laugh out loud. I’m so in love…





4 Responses to “Worth a Thousand Words…”

  1. supermom Says:

    Your house sounds absolutely amazing. She is SO gorgeous!!

  2. superha Says:

    She’s grown so much! Happy early half birthday!

  3. foentmomVat Says:

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  4. NickiHem Says:

    Foentmom, that is… interesting.

    Thanks for the input


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