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Remember Me? I’m the One Who Used to Post Here…. July 10, 2007

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Wow, I’m such a flake when it comes to updating this thing… I mean, it’s not like I’m not already online and/or writing every single day of my life or something…

Predictably, it’s just been busy lately. Like for the past couple of months, come to think of it. Between trying my hardest to balance working with The Bee at home (which is where I’m lucky enough to work from) one day leads to the next and before I know it, she’s eight months old and crawling around…

We were so certain that she was just going to skip the whole crawling thing until the other day when she finally seemed to get the idea that the scooting/army crawl was a lot more effective if she got her legs in on the action. This morning she spent about an hour on the living room floor scooting/crawling after the petrified cat (who finally just got comfortable with the idea that the baby, if kept at a distance, did not pose a significant threat)…. She loves it. Her real aim, however, is to get walking. She already takes steps and can traverse the length of a room (with one of us holding her hands) in about 10 seconds if she’s really motivated (again, usually by the sight of the oh-so-tempting cat’s tail) and she loves pulling herself up on things. I am almost positive that by this time next month, she’ll be balancing.

It’s overwhelming to try to explain all of the milestones she’s reached over the past month or so, and regrettably, I don’t think I’m going to try. Time just flies….

We have a whopping 20-some days left in Cowtown before we’re off to Indiana. Hub is looking forward to Purdue and I can’t wait to move in to our new place. We went a couple of weeks ago to check it out again and couldn’t believe how peaceful it is. Still, I’m having some last-moment thoughts about things I’m going to miss in here Columbus, not the least of which are the friends I will be sad to leave. The good thing is, our place in Indiana is like a wooded retreat and having people come stay with us will be fun for all. It seriously looks like you’re driving into a campground when you turn down our (gravel, no less) road.

So, here’s to The Bee’s 8-month birthday that just passed and here’s also to the sincere promise to update more often. It’s important.



One Response to “Remember Me? I’m the One Who Used to Post Here….”

  1. superha Says:

    if you’re leaving cowtown, does that mean you’ll be changing your blog name? 🙂 the bee is adorable!

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