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The Day of The Bee July 11, 2007

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Today was Mommy and Bee day….Hub is the head technical director of the Shakespeare in the Park series at Schiller Park downtown and was spending day there getting everything ready for the opening of King Lear tonight so without Daddy, we were on our own. My initial plan was to do what we did last week when Ryan was working, go down to the amazing North Market and hang out, then hit the galleries (anti-baby stares and all) on High Street but there was a huge mid-afternoon thunderstorm just as I was getting her dressed.

So, instead of sticking with the plan, I decided that we might as well stay in and have a rainy day together, which turned out great. Now that The Bee is more mobile, she can spend as much as 30 minutes at a time just rolling, pushing, and crawling her way around whatever room I sit her down in the middle of. Unfortunately, this new mobility means that I have to be 100% vigilant all the time because she’s always seeking out little things on the rug or off the floor to pop in her mouth. In the course of the day today, she found all kinds of things laying around or just within her reach that gave me a case of the howling fantods. I turned my back for a minute to turn up the radio and in that split second she’d found and deemed a quarter worthy of shoving directly into her mouth and just as I was taking it away from her, she reached out with her other hand and grabbed a little fuzzball and tried to eat that too. I am looking forward to the days when she stops thinking everything in sight looks delicious.

I think part of the reason today was so nice was because I just gave up on trying to keep up with work-related emails and the ton of projects I have for the week. If I found myself starting to feel a little stressed, I would just gather her up, pop her on my shoulders, and we would be elephants, through the kitchen, into the dining room, and down to the floor. Her laugh keeps me realistic and reminds me why my work and professional life has suffered some. In the end, none of it matters—no client is too important for me lose, even though sometimes I feel like that’s not the case.

Now that Ryan’s done with his technical direction bit for the rest of the week, we can balance out time out a little better and spend more time together. I actually forgot until this morning that our anniversary is coming up on Thursday. I guess I’d given it some thought last month but it’s just that I don’t even feel like it should be the middle of July approaching. I have no clue what we’re going to do—we haven’t even talked about it. Oddly though, that’s something I like about us. We are a great couple and are best friends so the more “holiday-esque” romance-inducers like Valentine’s Day, for instance, are special, but not the only day we focus on one another. I’m lucky.


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