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Walking After Midnight…. July 14, 2007

Filed under: The Bee — nickihem @ 7:36 pm

Last night The Bee had a stuffed-up nose and wasn’t sleeping very well. Although we’ve been trying to keep her in crib to sleep at night, a lot of the time, I end up bringing her in to sleep with me, which I love but, for obvious reasons, don’t necessarily want to make a habit…

Anyway, since she wasn’t even close to sleeping and Ryan and I were still awake and not wanting to take into our room, we decided to bring her downstairs. It was around midnight or so and we both noticed that she looked a little freaked out. It took a few minutes for us to realize that she simply hadn’t seen what it looked like downstairs in the front room when it was dark. We only had one small light on but she could see the streetlight from outside the window. We wiped her nose and stepped outside where for once (to her, especially) it was almost completely quiet. Suddenly, a car went by on 5th Avenue with its headlights on, which totally amazed her. She was just so fascinated by the dark and the quiet. Her head turned sharply once when the crickets resumed their song and she just stared very intently, not really focusing, but listening to these distinct sounds that were new to her. I thought I saw her sniff the air a few times, which made me realize that indeed, it does smell different around here at night.

Our midnight excursion around our house at night reminds me to always think and behave as though I were a new being, freshly landed, on this strange planet. If I do that, I can be like her and get a complete kick out of the simplest things I never used to give a second thought to. The fact that it’s a whole different world on our street at night is something that was the source of her endless fascination last night and it makes me think about the thousands of other daily wonders that we habitually ignore. Having a baby around makes you think about these things. It makes you blow bubbles again and remember faintly how amazing those hundreds of tiny swirling rainbows in them are. It makes you put your hand under running water and leave it there, feeling the hot, then the cold, like it’s all a new sensation. It makes you cognizant of what raindrops really feel like and what summer smells like. Because everything is new to her, it has to be to me too so I can recognize the hidden treasures in everyday life, whether they are as simple as a dark quiet night street or the first taste of plum that isn’t quite ripe.


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