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On the Creek Just Before Naptime September 30, 2007

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On tiptoes

And reaching for my glass

Little girl, you’ve already mastered the wind

And I wonder what will happen when it catches you

And carries you to the strange places I went when I was small

I thought those places were gone until I looked at the side of your face

Against the sun


Tiny fingers

Stretch out and reach

For my face and instinctively I wince

Because I have never been touched by anything pure

And perfect so I merely sit still and smile and let you pull the eyelashes

That once were wet with the fear of your perfection, your eventual arrival

Into the sun


Find ways

To dig into the sand

Without knowing what they’re doing

I watched yours and called them piggies and laughed

While you looked at me and, recognizing something, climbed me

And stayed for a silent moment on my leg and just let yourself breathe


I’ve given up testing words for you and have settled on sun.


3 Responses to “On the Creek Just Before Naptime”

  1. mm Says:


  2. Aunt Danielle Says:

    Very cute poem… if that is what it is 🙂 I love you sis! tell Ryan and Chloe that I love them too!

  3. superha Says:

    wonderful poem. i really enjoyed this. thanks.

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