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First Birthday Cake Out of Many… November 21, 2007

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I am a little…er…tardy about getting this up considering that her birthday party was on the 4th of November but it’s better late than never. I look at one of these at least each day. She looked so adorable in her Bee Costume with Sparkles. 

Happy First Birthday Baby Bee (who you can tell in the video missed naptime for the party…looks a wee bit sleepy and confused by the paparazzi)


The guests begin to arrive as Queen Bee greets them from her low throne.


The Cake before it is ripped to shreds and devoured to the last crumb.


The Sleepy Bee Loves her Cake!


Post Cake Bliss

Happy Birthday Baby Bee!


One Response to “First Birthday Cake Out of Many…”

  1. grandma Says:

    Great video. Lisa and I just watched it and loved it, as well as the birthday pictures.

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