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Many Firsts Since My Last Update… December 17, 2007

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It’s been a busy but fun month. There have been many firsts, including walking, which Bee’s doing with more ease each day. So glad we got those little floor tiles to offer some cushion.

Aside from that major development, here are a few images from between late November and now….

The first snow was gorgeous! All I could do was sit and stare out of our back windows all morning.


Of course, we had to suit up the Bee in her winter gear and get her outside.


This fur-lined jacket is awesome! Thanks Grandma!


Looking like some feral snow-baby we happened upon.


Back inside where it’s warm and toasty with her first pigtails. It’s a bit of a stretch and they don’t stay in very well, but I couldn’t resist.


Bee’s first “art” with finger paints. She loves markers too although crayons are still too delicious for her to resist.


Sara and Penny drove all the way from Cowtown to visit. Bee totally idolizes Pen.


First Birthday party (other than her own) with her new BFF Zoe.


Having fun with Zoe during a break in the frigid weather.

I will update more often instead of doing this “month in review” kind of thing :s


3 Responses to “Many Firsts Since My Last Update…”

  1. grandma Says:

    She is moving along quite well. I’m sure she is already doing 400 % better!! I think the pictures are terrific!! The coat does look super on her, as do the leggings.

  2. Melany Says:

    That close-up of her in the snow is THE most stunning snow pic I have seen this year. Stunning. Oh and congratulations on the walking!

  3. Aunt Danielle Says:

    Hey! Mom told me today that Chloe is saying “noodle” now! I sooo want to hear her say noodle!!! I know that would be just the cutest thing ever! hehe. I could just see her saying that as she eats them 🙂 Aww!

    Hope all is well. I heard your river was rising, I hope it slows down soon

    Love you sis!

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