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Is it June Yet? January 31, 2008

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Well now, don’t I just feel like a total flake about this whole blogging thing? Here it’s the end of January and I haven’t written a word here for over a month. I suppose it’s a combination of being exhausted by the end of the day after hanging with a speedy mischievous baby and trying to work during any free moment that presents itself. That and it’s just winter and there’s nothing to do here except go to the stupid mall play area. I am so tired of that. Where is spring already? I’m all set for playgrounds, grass, flowers, all of it. It’s a few months yet. Best not to think too much about that.

I was just reading over my last post and had to laugh because we were just so excited that Bee was taking some steps. The future of a walking baby loomed in front of us and we were so stoked. While I am still happy enough to watch her cruise around, I must say that I am getting one heck of a workout each day. She has a thing about wanting to play with the (really only) three things downstairs that I don’t want her messing with and goes for them anytime I turn my back, laughing like it’s all a game.

Her favorite off-limits plaything is the cat’s litter box which is located under the bar thing in our kitchen in a little cubbish area that she likes to crawl into and disappear before I have time to notice she’s missing. I usually get her at the exact moment that I’m too late, only to pull her out and find crusted cat poop (no matter how many times we clean it, there is always at least one piece that got missed) and sticky litter in her hands. This delights her. Not only because it’s like a little sandbox in there but because (yay!) it means that mommy will hoist her up by the sink and, joy of joys, wash her hands, which is an event she finds fun and exciting. She is also rather obsessed with the cat’s food and water bowls and while she finally stop trying to eat the catfood after several bad experiences, she like to dump out the food, then the water, then play in the mud she’s created. Joy of joys again. The cat has been patient with her up until this new development. Again, a foray into the cat’s bowls means another grand visit to the sink where that neat soap is, thus making this whole act of badness a win-win situation for herself. Her third love in life is the giant plant (or should I say tree?) we’ll have in our front room until it gets nice out again (if that will ever happen, for god’s sake). It has a lot of appealing dirt that she scoops up with the underside of her fingernails and then sprinkles on the floor. Thrilling. Again, the sink and soap.

But you know, I will take this any day over that whole helpless baby phase. I would much rather chase after an active alert and bright child than sit and watch one roll around, droll, and make poop-face. I am much better at being a mom at this stage.

Speaking of bright baby, here is a list of the words (that I can think of offhand) that she, now almost at 15 months can say with some degree of proficiency:

Baby, kitty, daddy, mommy, me & you (although not necessarily correctly), arf (means dog), moo (means cow), this, that, more, NO! (so glad she’s got that mastered..urgh!), cookie, noodle, flower (wower), Nala (her pet), up, star, bird, pea, moon, …there are others that I can’t think of right now. But what is more amazing is how many words she knows but can’t say yet. I open any book she’s familiar with and ask a question like “where’s the alpaca” or “where’s the teactor” and she’ll point with little or no hesitation. Such a smartie. And pretty much one of the cutest babies ever too.

Oh yeah…some pictures from since my last post which are, in order Christmas in a pretty outfit, New Years Eve, New Years Day looking like the biggest troublemaker ever.





2 Responses to “Is it June Yet?”

  1. Grandma Says:

    Ha, ha ha the picture of her in the hat is killing me!! I’ve got to tell Danielle about it. You make her sound like the little child who just loves to make messes! That just can’t be or can it?

  2. Aunt Danielle Says:

    Awww my hat looks so big on her!!! Her smile in the last picture is just so precious! Give her a hug and a kiss for me.

    Love you!

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