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Goodbye Hedonism, Hello Diaper Genie….

Mid-March. March 18, 2008

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Bee was having a fantastic time at her grandma’s all week while Hub and I were thereby granted four days Bee-free to remember that yes, indeed, we both still exist and still rather enjoy one another’s company. Despite our best intentions to go hiking on the trails near our house, cook complex dinners that babies would probably hate, listen to loud music and stomp around at 2 a.m. if we felt like it, we pretty much just vegged. It was glorious. We rented an entire season of Lost to catch up on it since we don’t really watch t.v. much, spent precious time on our own individual computers playing games (and me working, luckily I like what I do for a living) and just being in the same house. Just the two of us. While I enjoyed it, it is clear that our lives were lacking something before Bee. This is what we did all the time and while it was deliciously self-absorbed, every moment of it, I would go crazy if we went back to that all the time. She gives us purpose, a reason to put ourselves aside, and a convenient excuse to sit around and watch an entire Sesame Street while eating macaroni and cheese with our bare hands. 

She came back an entirely different baby with a ton of new words, a new set-in-stone sleeping schedule, and with a bunch of new toys and clothes that her Aunt Danielle couldn’t resist buying her. In that week I swear she changed more than I express in words. She’s a lot more with it and a LOT more opinionated. She has the run of the house of grandma’s and I suspect that she recognized a difference upon coming home and waking up to the at-home routine again. 

Because yes, there is a routine. That’s because it’s winter and we are kind of at a stand-still as far as finding new and interesting things to do. And yes, so, along those lines… 

I am making a promise right here and now, for posterity or maybe just for the sake of a self-reminder that I will not spend part or all of one month of the winter in the Midwest next year. 

Hard to believe, but by this time next winter she will be even more self-aware and even more able to travel, communicate, and be my little person than she is right now. A winter trip is a viable idea—something, anything, to break the monotony. I also say this about a winter hiatus next year because I think that a little something called “cabin fever” has begun to sink in and it just happens to coincide with several days of spring-like weather followed closely by more miserable cold and sleet-type weather that forces us back indoors as soon as we were able to get out. I don’t know where we’ll go and how we’ll do this whole thing, but it will happen. Especially since we are no longer in the city where there were far more ill-weather diversions than there are here. Purdue may be a good place in terms of education and opportunities for Hub but Lafayette/West Lafayette Indiana is, if you will pardon me for saying so, a cultural deadzone. There is nothing to do. That is, at least, for a mom and baby who have yet to meet many people around here yet. I’m grateful for the cool people I’ve met and playdated with here but other than that, all winter has been an endless cycle of going to the stupid mall and the stupid pool at the gym.

 I should emphasize that I will probably feel differently about this when spring finally comes and stays but at this point, I feel like Bee is getting bored and this is a baby who usually seems vastly entertained no matter what she’s doing. 

I’m projecting. It’s me. I want to do exciting, fun, creative and interesting things in public places while I suspect she’s probably fine getting up, coloring, watching Blue’s Clues and following me around. 

Spring is almost here. Spring is almost here. Spring is almost here……


Pictures Again… March 16, 2008

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Apples are pretty much her favorite thing ever. Except for macaroni and cheese. And kittens. And markers. And….okay, this could go on forever.


Playdate late in February. It was so fun having all of them running around the house, going crazy and tormenting the cat but like I really needed something else to convince me that one kid is quite enough, thank you…