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Pictures Again… March 16, 2008

Filed under: The Bee — nickihem @ 5:00 am


Apples are pretty much her favorite thing ever. Except for macaroni and cheese. And kittens. And markers. And….okay, this could go on forever.


Playdate late in February. It was so fun having all of them running around the house, going crazy and tormenting the cat but like I really needed something else to convince me that one kid is quite enough, thank you…


3 Responses to “Pictures Again…”

  1. Melany Says:

    Sweet 🙂 Zander loves apples too. Come to think of it actually all my boys do

  2. Aunt Danielle Says:

    She does love Apples 🙂 and tons of other things, such a smart baby… she knows so much!

  3. grandma Says:

    Yummy, yummy juicy apple. It looks so delicious. No wonder she loves it so. And with all those chompers she can really get great bites!

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