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The Last Week in Photos April 29, 2008

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The sink has been her choice of locations for fun lately. She demands, \

 The kitchen sink has been a favorite spot lately. She tells us she wants to “wash, wash” (sometimes with a please) and hops in, fully clothed, and has the time of her life. Now if only we could get this reaction to the real bathtime.

This is what happens now when I say \

 On the slide at Columbian Park. I told her to smile and this is what I got…a show of teeth. Cute though 🙂

Bee and her new best friend Shabby (Shelby) .. They were totally inseparable during our fire night

 Bee was completely attached to Shelby (Shabby  as Bee calls her) at our fire night and wouldn’t leave her side. Poor thing, she only had about five minutes Bee-free to enjoy a beer.

We told everyone there were bald eagles around and just as everyone left, what should swoop down on a nearby tree?

 Right before everyone left we were commenting on how we were sure we’d seen bald eagles nearby. Everyone was a bit incredulous. Just as they left and we were out back picking things up, what should land on a nearby tree but a giant bald eagle!

Here is a close-up zoomed image of Mr. Eagle. How cool!

I zoomed in on him here. It was getting and is a bit hard to make him out clearly but you can see the white head and trademark wide shoulders. How cool!

So now we’ve experienced two amazing things in Indiana that are firsts for us. A bald eagle live in person and an earthquake! When the quake hit in Illinois we felt it as it woke us up. Later the next day we felt the aftershock and listened as our house sounded like it has people on roof. Crazy!


Busybody April 16, 2008

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Excuse me, but can’t you see I’m on the phone mom?


Okay, now I’m done talking. What can I help you wih today, please?



17 Months April 14, 2008

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The nicer it gets outside the less time I find to do things like update this puppy so just to catch up, here are a few random things about where the Bee is at and what she’s been up to. There would be pictures to accompany this but she decided the camera was thirsty and was letting it slurp out of the cat’s water bowl. We have no idea if it will work again. We’re drying it out. 17 months is a fun age….goodness.

1) If you were to come over right now, at some point, perhaps several points, during the day you would hear her say, sweetly demanding, “mix it” …. And believe me…If you do not act quickly to enable her mixing desire, she will say, “mix it mix it mix it” with each “mix” getting a bit louder and with a bit more of an edge until finally, you push her learning tower up next to the kitchen counter, proffer a few non-glass items of dinnerware, a wooden spoon, and a little cup of water so she can “mix” stuff. So yes, “Mix it” pretty much means, “I want to make pretend soup and I want to do it now!” On a good day, she’ll follow it up with a tacked-on “pwease” which totally warms the cockles of my heart and thusly grants her all rights to completely destroy the kitchen. I am helpless.

2) About “pwease” …. She has it down to a science. She knows when to use it and when it doesn’t matter because she would get what she is asking for anyway. For instance, she says, “color color color!” and I look at her like “yeah, not now” and she goes, all matter-of-factly, “pwease” … Not even a pleading kind of please…just a simple statement as though in her mind, adding it creates a special qualifier under which any desire must immediately be fulfilled. Again. I am completely helpless.

3) Ring Around the Rosies is the most fascinating and hilarious possible activity anyone could ever dream up. To her. She could goad us on to do it over and over again for an hour if we let her. She loves it. My knees hurt.

4) Three Syllable Territory and the Alphabet to P. She clearly says “butterfly” and a few other well-articulated three-syllable words that blow me away and sings (in tune most of the time even) the alphabet to the letter P before it turns into a muddle that ends with something like “now abaycay nest tam sang wif may”. She likes to count and her favorite number is two. Everything is two if you ask her how many of something there are. A lucky break for her next birthday. However, she can recite the numbers in orders which makes her sound pretty smart and makes her feel like a big girl.

5) Knowing but highly cautious, somewhat suspicious glances at the P-O-T-T-Y. The other day she said PooPoo before she laid a log and says PeePee when she looks at it but the minute she sits on it, she looks all perturbed and goes, “no,” hops off, takes the removable seat off and often either chews on it or tries to wear as jewelry.

6) Her laugh has evolved from quiet little giggle sounds to full on laughing out loud with her belly. This can be witnessed when “neck monster” chases her, when Ry speaks to her via the kind of creepy (to me, but I’m like that about toys sometimes) Butterfly puppet with the wonky eyes, and when she sneezes and we fall backwards. It is the most beautiful sound in the world.