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The Last Week in Photos April 29, 2008

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The sink has been her choice of locations for fun lately. She demands, \

 The kitchen sink has been a favorite spot lately. She tells us she wants to “wash, wash” (sometimes with a please) and hops in, fully clothed, and has the time of her life. Now if only we could get this reaction to the real bathtime.

This is what happens now when I say \

 On the slide at Columbian Park. I told her to smile and this is what I got…a show of teeth. Cute though 🙂

Bee and her new best friend Shabby (Shelby) .. They were totally inseparable during our fire night

 Bee was completely attached to Shelby (Shabby  as Bee calls her) at our fire night and wouldn’t leave her side. Poor thing, she only had about five minutes Bee-free to enjoy a beer.

We told everyone there were bald eagles around and just as everyone left, what should swoop down on a nearby tree?

 Right before everyone left we were commenting on how we were sure we’d seen bald eagles nearby. Everyone was a bit incredulous. Just as they left and we were out back picking things up, what should land on a nearby tree but a giant bald eagle!

Here is a close-up zoomed image of Mr. Eagle. How cool!

I zoomed in on him here. It was getting and is a bit hard to make him out clearly but you can see the white head and trademark wide shoulders. How cool!

So now we’ve experienced two amazing things in Indiana that are firsts for us. A bald eagle live in person and an earthquake! When the quake hit in Illinois we felt it as it woke us up. Later the next day we felt the aftershock and listened as our house sounded like it has people on roof. Crazy!


One Response to “The Last Week in Photos”

  1. Grandma Says:

    A great eagle though not to clear. The fire night sounds fun. And, of course, little Chloe likes bathtime, no matter the time of day.

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