Communiqués from Cowtown

Goodbye Hedonism, Hello Diaper Genie….

What a Difference a Year Makes June 12, 2008

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This is almost hard to believe. Same place at just about the same time last year. For anyone who’s ever heard the expression “they grow up too fast” here is visual proof-positive of that little adage.


The Last Month Back in the O.C. (Original Cowtown) June 11, 2008

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(Above) Just before leaving for nearly a month back in Cowtown, Bee is at her favorite place again making circles and trying to write the letter “A”

Driving long distances is actually becoming fun as she decides that reading is much better for everyone than screaming her head off. How pleasant!


Her Grandma Sue and Cousin Auggie all have fun playing in the water.

 Super-Cheese smile over breakfast.

Playing in the fountains at Easton and having a grand time of it. Fully clothed and soaked to the bone.


Appa Dooce!