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Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Bee! November 28, 2008

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And this is not really birthday but I didn’t have a Halloween post so here we go… 



The Last Week in Photos April 29, 2008

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The sink has been her choice of locations for fun lately. She demands, \

 The kitchen sink has been a favorite spot lately. She tells us she wants to “wash, wash” (sometimes with a please) and hops in, fully clothed, and has the time of her life. Now if only we could get this reaction to the real bathtime.

This is what happens now when I say \

 On the slide at Columbian Park. I told her to smile and this is what I got…a show of teeth. Cute though 🙂

Bee and her new best friend Shabby (Shelby) .. They were totally inseparable during our fire night

 Bee was completely attached to Shelby (Shabby  as Bee calls her) at our fire night and wouldn’t leave her side. Poor thing, she only had about five minutes Bee-free to enjoy a beer.

We told everyone there were bald eagles around and just as everyone left, what should swoop down on a nearby tree?

 Right before everyone left we were commenting on how we were sure we’d seen bald eagles nearby. Everyone was a bit incredulous. Just as they left and we were out back picking things up, what should land on a nearby tree but a giant bald eagle!

Here is a close-up zoomed image of Mr. Eagle. How cool!

I zoomed in on him here. It was getting and is a bit hard to make him out clearly but you can see the white head and trademark wide shoulders. How cool!

So now we’ve experienced two amazing things in Indiana that are firsts for us. A bald eagle live in person and an earthquake! When the quake hit in Illinois we felt it as it woke us up. Later the next day we felt the aftershock and listened as our house sounded like it has people on roof. Crazy!


Pictures Again… March 16, 2008

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Apples are pretty much her favorite thing ever. Except for macaroni and cheese. And kittens. And markers. And….okay, this could go on forever.


Playdate late in February. It was so fun having all of them running around the house, going crazy and tormenting the cat but like I really needed something else to convince me that one kid is quite enough, thank you…


Many Firsts Since My Last Update… December 17, 2007

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It’s been a busy but fun month. There have been many firsts, including walking, which Bee’s doing with more ease each day. So glad we got those little floor tiles to offer some cushion.

Aside from that major development, here are a few images from between late November and now….

The first snow was gorgeous! All I could do was sit and stare out of our back windows all morning.


Of course, we had to suit up the Bee in her winter gear and get her outside.


This fur-lined jacket is awesome! Thanks Grandma!


Looking like some feral snow-baby we happened upon.


Back inside where it’s warm and toasty with her first pigtails. It’s a bit of a stretch and they don’t stay in very well, but I couldn’t resist.


Bee’s first “art” with finger paints. She loves markers too although crayons are still too delicious for her to resist.


Sara and Penny drove all the way from Cowtown to visit. Bee totally idolizes Pen.


First Birthday party (other than her own) with her new BFF Zoe.


Having fun with Zoe during a break in the frigid weather.

I will update more often instead of doing this “month in review” kind of thing :s


A Short Film Just Before the Birthday November 2, 2007

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Make sure your sound is turned on and enjoy watching this review of The Bee’s first year…


Week With Grandma… A Photo Journal August 31, 2007

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The Bee has had a most marvelous week with her grandma. Since grandpa was out of town, we thought we’d head out from L-Town and come stay for a bit to keep her company…. Here are some of the highlights from the past few days…


Bee and Grandma hang out on the lawn and soak up some sun. The Bee, quite predictably, plucks up any leaves that have fallen (it’s almost fall, for crying out loud) and pops them into her mouth, sometimes faster than Grandma can stop her. But they’re having quite the time, those two…


Now able to cruise with only one precariously-placed hand along furniture, stairs, and railings, the second floor has become her favorite spot in the house. She loves it when I bark like an attack dog and nip her toes from below.


See those chompers? Not even quite ten months old, this baby…. sheesh.


Already, this child knows how to accessorize…


“Oh Grandma, this deck is abosultely delicious!”


This is one of my favorite pictures of the week… It’s hard to think this will probably be the last time this year that Bee and G-ma are going to be able to get outside since we probably won’t be back ’round these here parts ’till Decemeber or so.


It actually got chilly enough to have to put The Bee in a jacket this week. I know it’s not grandma-related (although it’s at her house) but she just looks so damn cute in her little ruffly jacket.


The Return of Grandpa– He is back on our last day and lets The Bee take a ride, quitting early because it’s “not exactly safe” (although how many times do I remember doing this? Or my sisters riding on the mower before they even had teeth?

It’s been a nice and relaxing week and The Bee had the time of her life. My mom is something else. She’s like a kid around my kid. Love you all, even if you read and never leave me comments.


The War on Nature, First Blood, and Other News August 9, 2007

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The war on nature, the battlefield of which is located on the giant windows overlooking the water in the back of our house has now been won. We are, I’m happy to say, the victors. After over 12 cans of expensive toxic foam that promises to kill hornets, bees, and scorpions. Yes, scorpions, the glass is now free (with the exception of one horrifying large spider who will serve as the grim messenger of imminent death to potential spider-scouts in the future) of those awful arachnids. It has been a tiresome battle. But thank god, it’s over. We think. They are incredibly persistent little bastards. And huge. This does not even come close to doing it justice… 


It is now safe to exit onto the back deck, which we excitedly did, only to find that there was a stream of tiny determined ants following a direct line from the wood underneath over near our door. It’s like they’ve come to avenge the spiders. That’s okay. We have more cans of Zyclon-B or whatever the hell the stuff in the can is. For once in my lifetime I am looking forward to the end of summer and the onslaught of cold Midwestern winter. Although who knows, that might bring all the things from the outside right on in through some secret tunnel or something. We’ll just have to cross that bridge when we come to it. 

A couple days ago The Bee got her first real injury. It was the first time I’ve ever seen her hurt with a noticeable boo-boo. Since she’s crawling like a pro now, she kind of seems to get cocky about moving forward and decided she wanted something and went after it with gusto. However, she forgot that her hands were required for crawling and just kind of dove into the hardwood floor. Ry was on the phone with my mom near her and I was over by the couch and I just remember hearing her hit the floor, Ry yelling “get her!” and then a horrendous wail.  God. The pit of my belly is all twisted just remembering it.  Her little lip split somewhat. Not all the way, but bad enough to leave a cut along the center and bad enough to illicit enough blood to make me want to faint. She didn’t cry much after the initial wail…we gave her an ice cube in a paper towel and she was perfectly content again, just sucking on it while Ry and I kept looking at one another with total fear. She’s fine now, poor Bee. This is the day after it happened… 


She’s at that frightening point where she’s really getting around and we’re just going to have to be vigilant all the time. It tears my very heart to think that this is par for the course when it comes to babies and that it won’t be the last time something like this happens. I want to wrap her in bubble wrap, little thing. I can’t be that mom though…. Otherwise, she’s so happy here. We go outside, play in the sunroom near the windows, watch for hummingbirds at our feeder, go for walks, play in her carpeted bedroom where things are nice and soft, and just have a ball. She’s such a happy baby. One of the people that lives on our lane at the end saw her for the first time today and took a breath and said “she stunning!” … (I couldn’t help but think of that Seinfeld episode “she’s breathtaking”). She really is stunning. I loves ya Bee… 

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